Our warp plugin has several features, it teleports players to their desired location with cooldown in a fancy way, but we have also added a permission system so that players need a certain permission to enter the Nether and End world. Without this permission, they cannot use the portals or send a tpa request to people who do have permission.

General options


Cooldown time before players can use the random teleport again.

# Cooldown time for /wild
cooldown-wild: 1m

Teleport bar

This fancy bar will display a live countdown for all the warps.

  symbol: '∎'
  length: 12
  color-filled: '&a'
  color-empty: '&c'

Teleportation effects

start-sounds: # sound when starting a teleport
  - 'ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP;0.5;3.0'
start-particles:  # particle when starting a teleport
  - 'END_ROD;50;0.0;0.5;0.0;0.1'
end-sounds: [] # sound when you have been teleported
end-particles: # particle when you have been teleported
  - 'VILLAGER_HAPPY;70;1.0;1.5;1.0;0.1'
cancel-sounds: # sound when your teleportation has been canceled (movement)
cancel-particles: # particle when your teleportation has been canceled (movement)
  - 'LAVA;8;0.0;1.0;0.0;0.1'


If you want to use the /supremewarps rtp <player> <world> command you have to add it to the RandomTeleport config first. This plugin defines safe locations on reboot to ensure smooth and fast RTP.


These are the permissions SupremeWarps has for the different worlds:

  • supremewarps.nether - Permission to enter the nether world.

  • supremewarps.end - Permission to enter the end world.

  • supremewarps.dungeons - Permission to enter the dungeons.


Papi placeholders

  • %supremewarps_dungeons_status% - Shows the status of the player whether they have permission to enter.

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