Every day, the Traveling Merchant will offer you 3 items he has listed to sell. There are no limits on how much you can buy.


Adding/removing items

You are of course free to choose which items you do or do not want to offer to your players. Here I briefly explain how you can add more items and of course remove them in reverse order.

GhastTear: # Item ID (must be unique)
  name: '&6&lGhast tear' # Item title
  price: 40 # Buy price
  material: 'GHAST_TEAR' # Material type (see 'useful links' for all material type
  amount: 1 
    - ''
    - ' &7▪ &fBuy Price: &e$%price%/ea'
    - ''
    - '&a&lClick here &r&ato Buy this item.'
  durability: 0
  glow: false
  slot: 11 # You can add multiple items on the same slot so it will rotate the items on a refresh

You can copy this exact same text section and paste it into the transferitems.yml file to add a new item but don't forget to change the item name.

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