Our chat plugins gives you the ability to customize your chat however you want. With features as JSON hovers (Fully supporting PlaceholderAPI), player mentions and 'click to message' it's the ultimate chat plugin for your server!

General options

ā€¢ Player mention

# When a player types your name in chat
  title: '&e{player}'
  subtitle: '&7Has mentioned you!'
    - 'ITEM_BOOK_PAGE_TURN;1.0;1.0' # Check 'Useful links' for all sound types

ā€¢ Item showcase

<screenshot> (once added)

# Item display [item]    
  no-item: '&cYou have nothing in your hand.'
  blacklist-item: '&cYou cannot display this item.'
  limit: '&cYou can only use the [item] once in a message.'
item-prefix: '&7['
item-suffix: '&7]'

ā€¢ Playername hover

# player hover text in chat
hover-text: |-
   &e&l   SURVIVAL
   &8  ā—Š &fName: &e%player_name%
   &8  ā—Š &fRank: &e%luckperms_groups%
   &8  ā—Š &fLevel: &e%supremelevels_levels% 
   &8  ā—Š &fKills: &e%statistic_player_kills%
   &8  ā—Š &fDeaths: &e%statistic_deaths%
   &8  ā—Š &fBalance: &e$%javascript_money%
   &8  ā—Š &fExp: &e%player_total_exp%
   &8  ā—Š &fTokens: &eāŒ¬%supremetokens_tokens%

Supports unlimited rows and you are free to use whatever papi placeholder you want. Check 'Useful links' to see every listed papi placeholder.

ā€¢ Click to message

# Click on playername to start a message
suggest-text-on-player-click: '/msg {player} '

Simply click on a player's name and the chat will automatically fill in the the required command to privately message that player.

Chat formatting

# Chat format
  default: # Rank name
    format: '&8[%supremelevels_levels%&8] &8&lā–ø &r&8|Villein| %supremecolor_name_color%%player_name%&r&f:'
    color: GRAY # Chat color

Using DiscordSRV

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