With this plugin you never have to worry about your stuff again. SupremeDeath ensures that when you die you can choose to store it in a so-called inventory slot. Each player starts with 1 slot and can expand to as many as 9 slots. Each slot can store 1 inventory when you have died.

When you choose to use an inventory slot, a cooldown activates after which you can reclaim your items. This cooldown is 7 days long. You can also choose to immediately reclaim your items by means of a gravestone. Oh yes, when you die you do lose a percentage of your money, so don't be too reckless.



/supremedeath <player>


Opens the gravestones menu.

/gravestones give <player> <gravestones>


Give gravestones to the specified player.

/gravestones take <player> <gravestones>


Takes gravestones from the specified player.

/gravestones show <player>


Shows the amount of gravestones the specified player has.


There is one permission available for the SupremeDeath plugin:

  • supremedeath.slot.<1-9>

This permission gives you access different gravestone slots where a player can store his items in after he died.

General options

Saving your inventory

When a player dies, he gets the chance to store his stuff, but only if he has a free inventory slot. When he chooses to save his items a default cooldown of 7 days will begin after which he can get his items back for free.

  • Lava bucket: Option to remove your items permanently.

  • Barrier: Back to the main gravestone menu.

  • Cobblestone wall: 'Restore my items'. This will allow you to immediately restore your items at a cost of 1 gravestone.

Dropped heads

The head of any player who dies will be dropped with a certain value.

# Head that will drop when the player got killed/dies
player-head-name: '&e&l{player}''s head'
  - '&dHead value:'
  - '&a${money}'
  - '&7Right click'

# Percentage of the players total balance will be be lost and dropped within the player head
    amount: 10 # percentage wise
  #  amount: 5 

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