Cosmetics are a great way to stand out from the crowd. With our own plugin you have the choice between 163 unique cosmetics that can be obtained with cubelets.


There are three categories you can choose from:

  • Player trails (cosmetics attached to a player)

  • Arrow trails (cosmetics attached to a arrow)

  • Action trails (cosmetics activated by certain actions)





Opens the cosmetic/trails menu.

Particle types


particles (player)

Normal particle that will follow you.

halo-particles (player)

Halo particle that will spin around you and follow you.

block-break-particles (action)

Particle that will be triggered on a block break.

block-place-particles (action)

Particle that will be triggered on a block place.

hurt-particles (damage)

Particle that will be triggered when you deal damage to a mob or player.

General options

Particle settings

halo-particles: # Particle types
  - 'DRIP_LAVA;0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0'
  # '<DRIP_LAVA>;<0>;<0.0>;<0.0>;<0.0>;<0.0>'
  #        1.     2.   3.    4.    5.    6.
  1. Particle type (See 'Useful links' for all particle types)

  2. Particle count (higher number equals more particles being summoned)

  3. Velocity (particle speed)

Example particle

        Heart spin: # Trail name (will be displayed when selecting your trail)
          locked: # Item shown when player does not have the correct permission
            material: RED_STAINED_GLASS_PANE
            name: '&c&lLocked'
            lore: []
            glow: false
          available: # Item shown when player has the correct permission
            material: PLAYER_HEAD:
            name: '&e&lHeart spin'
             - '&r'            
             - '&fInformation:'            
             - '  &8◊ &7Unlocked: &e{date}'
             - '  &8◊ &7Rarity: &eRare'
             - '&r'
             - '&a&lClick here &r&7to select this cosmetic'
            glow: false
          slot: 30
          permission: spin.10a # Permission needed to select this trail
          particles: []
            - 'HEART;0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0'


Slots start at 0 and go up to 53.

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