Our SupremeCompleter plugins let's you register any 'command' you want. This is very useful for commands such as /vote, /help and so on that are often not registered. You can really add anything you want!

How does it work?

Add a desired command to the your server, for example /help. This command should start with a prefix, let's take supremesetups as an example. So you need to add the following to the list:


If you only want to see the /help command in the tablist and not supremesetups:survival we use PL-Hide to hide this complete command.

Make sure to restart your server to actually register the added commands.

Adding them inside the config

Here are a few examples. We have added the /guide command and the /help command.

# Tab completion commands.
  - 'supremesetups;guide'
  - 'supremesetups;help'

You can use any prefix you want. We just choose to use supremesetups. (the prefix won't actually be shown on the command itself)

PL-Hide config

  #if no group is set via<group> this will be applied
  #do not rename the default group!
  #blocked commands will be automatically removed from the tabcompletion
      - supremesetups;guide # This will ensure that players won't be able to see the full command
      - supremesetups;help

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