With the new season release of survival we will be introducing a new style of economy, with this style of economy we hope to give you a long-lasting, balanced economy. Since survival, in our opinion, a game mode is you shouldn't reset for months, does the economy need to match with that. We don't want people to have millions within the first weeks of playing.

This is why the server will not have any shop created by us, at least not a shop where you can buy every single item. We hope that with this economy and our shop system to have a well balanced and long-lasting economy!


Your players determine the price

Your players will be a big part of the economy on your server. Because there is no so-called 'server shop' in which you can buy or sell all items simply and unlimitedly, a unique economy is created that is different on every server!

Advertise your shop to be displayed in the global shop

As soon as you have made a 'chest shop', you naturally want to sell as many items as possible. Advertising your shop gives you the opportunity to place your shop on the global /shop menu which is visible to everyone. If players choose to buy items from your shop, they can easily teleport to it by means of a right mouse click.

Advertising is done through advertising gems. These gems each have an advertisement time in which your advertisement is shown on the server shop. Shift click on your chest shop to start an advertisement!

How does it work?

Creating a chest shop

To create a shop, place down a chest and left-click it with the amount of items you want to sell. For example: If I want to sell 64 cobblestone I will need to hold 64 cobblestone in my hand and left-click the chest with it.

We are using QuickShop for the chest shops.

Advertising your shop

To advertise your shop you will need a so- called Advertisement Gem. Once you have a advertisement gem you simply shift- click on your chest shop (the actual chest, not the sign) and you will be ask to confirm the advertisement. That's it, your shop is now listed on the global /shop!

This applies to all items that have been added to the item list.

General options

Advertisement gems

# Advertisement gems
  60min: # This name has to be unique
    seconds: 3600 # Advertisement time in seconds
    material: 'EMERALD' # Advertisement item
    name: '&e&lShop Advertisement Gem' # Name of the item
    glow: false
      - '&7This advertisement gem will allow'
      - '&7you to advertise a shop that you own.'
      - '&7Advertised shops will be displayed in'
      - '&7the &e/shop &7menu.'
      - ''
      - '  &8◊ &fAdvertise time: &e60 Minutes'
      - ''
      - '&a&lShift click &7on your chest-shop to use this gem'

You can add as many 'advertisement gems' as you'd like.

Shop GUI

The shop gui is like any other shop menu. It will contain different categories to make it easier to find a specific item a player is looking for.

Shop gui settings

# Gui menu
  title: '&cServer Shop'
  rows: 4

Shop category settings

    alias: 'Building Blocks' # Name for the {material} placeholder and listing message
    sub-category-title: '&cBuilding Blocks - Page {page}' # Gui title for the building blocks category
    player-shops-title: '&c{material} Shops - Page {page}' # Gui title for a specified item that is listed on the shop
      material: PLAYER_HEAD:
      name: '&e&lBuilding Blocks'
       - '&r'      
       - '&7Browse for building blocks shops,'
       - '&7to build your amazing empire!'
       - '&r'
       - '&a&lRight click &7to open this shop'       
      glow: false
      slot: 10
    allowed-materials: # Materials that will be listed on the 'building blocks' category
     - 'STONE'


When your item is listed on the global shop, players can easily teleport to your shop by means of a simple click.

  teleportation-delay: 3 # In seconds
  distance: 0.5 # Distance from the chest shop
  pitch: 60.0 

Keep in mind that everything you see can be configured to your likings!



This plugin is working together with QuickShop and needs to be installed in order to use this plugin.


If you want to use RGB/Hex colors in SupremePlayershops you can use the following format: "&#FFFFFF" Or use this tool to generate awesome gradients.

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