Every week, the Mystery Wizard will offer you 2 special items he has listed to sell. These items are limited in stock and can be purchased with tokens.


Adding/removing items

You can add as much items as you'd like, the rewards are all command based so the possibilities are really endless. Every item can have a 'stock' option which you can set to have a certain stock.

TotemOfUndying01: # Item ID (must be unique)
  name: '&6&lTotem of Undying'
  command: 'give %name% totem_of_undying 1'
  price: 30 # Token price (SupremeTokens)
  material: 'TOTEM_OF_UNDYING'
  amount: 1
    - '&7Item from the Mystery Wizard.'   
    - ''
    - '&fInformation:'        
    - '  &8◊ &7Buy price: &c30 tokens/ea' 
    - ''    
    - '  &a➥ &7Stock: &e%stock_amount%'    
    - ''
    - '&a&lClick &7to purchase'
  durability: 0
  glow: false
  special: false
  slot: 12
  stock: 5 # How many items will be available to purchase

You can copy this exact same text section and paste it into the transferitems.yml file to add a new item but don't forget to change the item name.

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