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Downloading the setup

The first thing you will have to do is download the setup itself. The download file will be sent to your email when your purchase has been completed, it may not show in your main inbox.

Always check your spam folder first before seeking support.

Installing the setup:

Once you have downloaded the setup you should extract the files inside a empty folder or extract them on your desktop.

We will be using the pterodactyl control panel for this guide.

Uploading the setup to your server

Open the SMC Developments - <Setup type> _ <SKU> folder and select all the server files. Right click and select 'Add to "Supreme Setups - Survival <version>.rar". Once this rar file has been created go to the 'File Manager' inside your pterodactyl panel and drop this file inside your server files and hit 'extract'.

We also recommend installing FileZilla for future use as this allows you to edit your file in a very efficient way!

Download FileZilla here.

License key

You will find your license key in the same email that also contains your download link. Keep this key safe, this gives you access to the setup!

To activate your key go to /plugins/SupremeCore/config.yml and replace the LICENSE-KEY-HERE with your license key.

# Add here your personal license key (send to your email)
license-key: 'LICENSE-KEY-HERE'

Not only does this key give access to the server, but also to the updates that we release regularly. To access these updates you will need to join our discord server where you can authenticate with the same key. Simply head over to the #verify-purchase channel and select the setup you want to verify with.

Developer key

A developer key allows you to open a second server where you can pre test new features you want to add before publishing it to your public server. This key obviously has some limitations and is not intended to run your public server with.

How does it work?

Simply paste your developer key inside the SupremeCore config and you're good to go.

# Add here your personal license key (send to your email)
license-key: 'DEV-KEY-HERE'

What are the limitations?

You can have up to 3 players on your server at the same time with this key.

What happens when a fourth player joins?

Don't worry, we won't shut down your server right away, we've added a neat feature to our SupremeCore plugin that knows when you use your developer key. When a fourth player tries to join, it simply deny his entry.

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