This plugin will allow you to set commands to a piece of paper or whatever item you choose (player head supported). When the player right clicks the item it will run the command that is attached to that specific item. This is very useful for prizes, crates, and for just giving someone something.

Creating a voucher

Creating a voucher is really easy, you can create as many as you'd like. Below is an example of a kit voucher.

kitknight: # voucher ID
  material: PAINTING
  name: '&3&k|&3Knight&3&k|&r &3&lkit Voucher'
  glow: true
   - '&7Incredible, this gives you access to all'
   - '&7the items included in the &3&k|&3Knight&3&k|&r &7kit.'
   - '&7Gearing up has never been that easy!'
   - ''
   - '&a&lRight Click&r&7 to redeem'   
  fireworks: []
  - 'ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP;1.0;1.0'
    - 'kit knightkit {player}'
    - 'cc give physical vote 2 {player}'
    - 'cc give physical rare 1 {player}'
    - 'supremevouchers {player} 5000claimblocks'

If you want to use a player head as material use: 'PLAYER_HEAD:'


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